Freeport Threshing Show Participants' Page

Stephenson County Antique Engine Club
2954 S. Walnut Rd
Freeport, IL 61032
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Do you have something to show or something to sell?

For details, contact the following:

To sell in the flea market,
   contact Dave Swanson: (815) 275-2340
   During the Show, the contact people to help vendors set up
   are Jerry and Bud Kubatzke.

Food Vendors,
   contact Peg Althoff (815) 990-1658

To show Allis Chalmers Equipment and Memorabilia,
   contact Ted Buisker: (815) 275-4715
        or Norm Meinert: (815) 238-4506
   Please contact Ted or Norm before the show so they know
   how much space they will need in the special display area.

To show antique gasoline engines
   contact Rich Brubaker: (815) 362-2015

To show Antique Transportation (cars, trucks, buggies),
   contact Dick Farnsworth (815) 238-6124

To participate in the farmer's hitch class horse pull,
   contact Spencer Yeoman: (815) 297-3866
           or Ruth Yeoman: (815) 297-4002

To participate in the antique tractor pull,
   contact club: (815) 235-2198
Tractor Pull Rules